Recorded on March 8TH, 2017

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Surviving Pre-Payment Audits
(Webinar) 1 CEU

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This Webinar was recorded on March 8th, 2017

This webinar will provide attendees with an understanding of the what triggers pre-payment audits, the financial impact to the practice, the pre-payment process, steps to take to be removed from the prepayment process and proactive measures.

Webinar Covers: 

  • What Triggers a Pre-payment Audit?
  • How Do I Know if I am on Pre-Payment Review?
  • Navigating the Pre-Payment process
    • The Importance of Organization
    • The ADR (Advanced Document Request) Letters
    • Preparing & Sending the Documents
    • Tracking the Payments & Denials
  • Calling the Insurance Carrier Auditor
  • Removal Process from Pre-Payment Review 
  • The Financial Impact to the Practice
  • When to Call an Attorney
  • Proactive Measures 
  • Learn More About It
  • Questions and Answers